Printing Tips

Paper is important to printing for a lot of reasons. It affects the look and the feel of your printing.

The feel may affect how people perceive your business. For example, a thin business card printed on an ink jet printer looks and feels cheap. Worse, if you printed on a perforated blank page the receiver will know you did it yourself. For many people that suggests a fly by night or eve bogus company.

A cheap paper may have a yellow cast and look a bit dingy. The color of the paper will affect color printing by adding a yellow cast to your colors.

When ordering printing pay attention to the weight of the paper. This is a odd way to indicate thickness but that is how it is done. Many big box printers use a 24 lb paper for their color prints. Our store uses a 28 lb. weight standard even though our printing of color is substantially cheaper than our competitors. We feel strongly a 28 lb paper is important.

The 28 lb. is not only thicker but a bright white and smooth. This keeps the color from bleeding through like some of the thinner papers do. The smooth finish allows the toner to lay down on the paper for a more vibrant color image.

Also ask for volume pricing. Our store drops down 10 cents a page at just 100 prints.

It pays to shop around. You know all the big names. Ask for their pricing and paper quality and then check out your local The UPS Store. You may find our competitors are 20 to 40% more.

You can find our location by clicking on the link to The UPS Store 5183 in Superior Colorado here.

Did Your EDDM Postcard Advertising Campaign Work?

Every Door Direct Mail – Retail is a low cost way to drive local customers to your business. It only costs 17.6 cents per postcard to deliver them through USPS. You simply select local USPS carrier routes (neighborhoods) surrounding your business location.

Selecting the local USPS carrier routes is simple using a USPS mapping tool. You simply enter an address at the center of the area you want to cover (presumably your place of business or another location). As you point to areas on the map an outline of various carrier routes pops up. The tool shows you the number of homes, PO boxes and businesses in that route.

The cost of the postcards depends on size, card stock and volume of cards. For example at our The UPS Store 5183 in Superior, Colorado, we charge somewhere between 15 cents to 30 cents per jumbo post card; depending on the number of cards printed.

In total that means you can print and deliver your jumbo postcards for less than the cost of a postage stamp!

Other benefits of EDDM are, no need for addresses, no barcodes, no permit required, no sorting and more. The reason the cost is so low to deliver is that the cards are delivered to the post office serving the neighborhoods you are mailing to.  The clerk at the counter simply drops the EDDM order in the correct mail carrier’s bin. They do not have to transport it to a sorting facility.Easy! No sorting means no roller marks or tears. The card is delivered to the homes in pristine condition!

We have the ability to service businesses in our local area and also nationally. Click here to find us. Mention this article and get 10% off your first EDDM order. Ask for Ken Davis.

Keep Your Business Card Clean

Clutter is an ugly word. Keep your card simple and make sure you design it to do what you want it to do.

Some people think a business card should be crammed with information. People like simple, easy to read business cards. If you want to impart more information, the card should simply provide them with information on how to find you, call you or view you on line.

You can add a  couple of simple items along with the contact information. A tag line might work to engage them, especially if it is featured in other media and triggers brand or name recognition. Pictures of you or products might engage them too. Don’t add much more if anything else to your contact information.

And, you may get better results with just a phone number, email address or web site URL. Fax and address may not be all that beneficial unless you are a retail location.

Keep it simple or you will drive them away! Remember, a business card’s primary purpose is to provide contact information that allows them to contact you and learn more about you.

Come to our print web site to design your business cards by clicking here!

Local Vs. Online Printers

Both kinds of printing services have their pluses and minuses. Let’s look at both.

Online printing is convenient. You pick the category of print you want, find a template to customize to your liking or upload your own file. Then you pick your design elements like printing on both sides, color or b&w;, choice of papers and coatings Plug in your credit card, pick a shipping method and away you go. In many respects this works quite nicely.

The minuses are no person to talk to to help you design your product, answer questions or complain to if there is a problem. Problem resolution may be by email or waiting on the phone.

Up front you do not get to see a sample of the product unless you send away for one. You have lots of paper and coatings choices but you may not know what any of that means. You are ordering in the blind unless you have printing experience and know the terminology.

Local printers are convenient too. You get to interface with a human up front, at delivery or if there is a problem. Generally no long waits to talk to someone. People can ask you questions about what you are trying to accomplish and make suggestions on how to improve your product. They can help you design a custom print. And they can suggest alternative printing solutions you may not be aware of.

They generally have samples of the various kinds of papers, coatings and output that they offer. They can help you make your product design look better and offer you other ways to make money in your business using printing.

My The UPS Store 5183 offers both in person local printing and online printing. The store is independently owned and operated in Superior Colorado. Click here for more information.

Are You A Christmas Gift Packaging Klutz Too!

Try as I might, wrapping presents has never been my forte’. So, finding an alternative solution suits me just fine. Maybe this is how you feel too. If so, then grab onto this simple solution.

In my The UPS Store 5183 in Superior Colorado we carry decorative shipping boxes. During Christmas we carry brightly colored cardboard boxes with holiday designs that you simply put your gift in the box, close it up, and put a bit of tape on it! That’s it!

Either give it to your loved one to display under a tree or ship it by UPS and have it show up in its pretty skin on the doorstep of your family and friends.

If your contents are fragile ask us to put some packing peanuts in it or wrap it with bubble wrap. If we don’t have a decorative box large enough to fit we have lots of regular shipping boxes that will get the job done.

Christmas Shipping Done Cheaper and Easier

Have you ever gotten to a shipping counter and found shipping your item cost more than what you were sending? Frustrating isn’t it? So, what can you do to reduce your costs?

Size and weight is the key. Find a gift to send that is small and light. Pricing a shipment is based on both size and weight. That is because only so much fits in a truck or plane. Weight is important  because the trucks use more fuel to move heavy objects. Also, trucks are regulated and can only transport so much over our roads. The heavier the trucks the more ware on the asphalt.

Make sure you have the right sized box. If you think you can find a cheap box and throw your gift in it to save money think again. A store like The UPS Store 5183 Superior Colorado has lots of different sized boxes. They are trained to use the smallest box and filler to get your gift there safely. The smaller box and lower weight saves you money!


Low Cost #Shipping in #Superior #Colorado

There is more to saving money on shipping rates then the rates themselves. Save money by considering the following:

Points to consider:

  • Which #UPS shipper offers the best rate, the small mom and pop, the big box office supply store or The #UPS Store close by your office or home?
  • Is the right sized box important or can you just grab the cheapest box you can find?
  • How much money do you get back if the #shipper loses your package or it gets lost?
  • What happens if your valuable merchandise gets broken and you fail to meet the shipper’s guidelines for packing?
  • What time is it?

Which shipping outlet should you use for low rates?

Mom and pops frequently contract to ship through two or more shippers, so you might think you can get a bargain there. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out. The mom and pops have no limits on what they can charge you for UPS shipping. Get a quote from one or more of them and then ask a UPS Store for a quote. The UPS Stores are contractually bound to be no higher than the official UPS hub rates. In exchange for this they get the best rates of any of the shipping outlets from UPS to allow them to make a reasonable profit. The small mom and pops don’t get these rates and they may have to upcharge to higher prices to get by. Or they may think they can get by with high rates in their area.

What time is it?

Getting your package into the hands of a UPS driver before their deadline may save you a day in shipping. For example. You may need a package shipped from Phoenix to Southern California in two days. The UPS pickup spot you normally use picks up at 4:00 PM. It is now 4:30 PM. That means to get your package guaranteed delivered to your destination in two days requires next day delivery because you missed the pick up today and it officially gets shipped tomorrow. However, if you get it shipped today you may have the option of using the guaranteed ground transportation option that could be 1/3 to 1/4th the cost of next day air because ground guarantees two day delivery to many contiguous areas.

Check for the latest times near you. The UPS Stores get favored pick up times so that may be your best bet if there is one close by (with over 5,300 store nationally that is likely).

Why is box size important?

Your shipping costs are determined by both size and weight. Trucks obviously have limited space in the back. And they can only run certain weights over the highways; as heavy trucks damage the roads.

In the case of air transportation, weight is even more important than size. In both trucks and airplanes weight also adds fuel cost as it takes more energy to move heavier items. It is simple physics and math. So, when you pick a box make sure it is as small as possible and still allow enough dimension for proper packing peanuts and bubble wrap. By the way, newspaper sucks as a packing material. It crushes and never bounces back. Your merchandise then rattles around in the box and may get damaged.

Well trained shipping stores normally keep a lot of different sized boxes handy to keep your box size to a minimum; thus saving you money. They know the required packaging needed to get fragile and normal items delivered safely to their destination.

They also know how to cut a box down to size. They can cut down the corners of a box and then perforate the box where they will fold the new flap over. Thus they can make a custom sized box to save you even more money and reduce the packing material needed to fill the box.

What about refunds for lost or broken items shipped?

UPS has many private store outlets. Only one has the Pack and Ship Guarantee. See The UPS Store web site for details but generally it says that if you ship with a participating The UPS Store you will get the value of the lost or damaged item back plus the cost of the packing materials and the cost of shipping. This only happens if the UPS Store packs and ships the item for you. No other UPS shipper can provide this to you. All other UPS outlets and other competing shippers will only give you the value of your damaged or lost item. Make sure you know the detailed rules before you take advantage of this important benefit. Your local The UPS Store can help.

What if you decide to pack the item yourself and it gets broken?

UPS and other common carriers all provide insurance. However, they will look at the condition of the package used to ship the broken item to determine if it was packed to their required specifications. If it isn’t they may choose to deny your claim. So either get on the web site of the carrier you are using, and follow their #packing #material requirements, or hire a knowledgeable shipping store to help.

Saving money means more than the cheapest shipping rates!

Rates are important, which store you choose to ship with is important, when you ship is important and who packs your merchandise is important. Select wrong and your shipping may cost you a lot more than you thought it would.

You will find us at The UPS Store 5183 in Superior Colorado by clicking here.