Small-Business Private Mailbox Rentals Protect Privacy


I did financial planning out of my personal home office for years. I quickly realized I needed a mailing address other than my home for several reasons.

I managed client’s money and insurance. I needed a place to receive my mail where sensitive documents could be sent, and received, safely until I could pick them up.  A place where they wouldn’t be stolen. And a place where my client’s highly sensitive papers would not be put on a doorstop for anyone to take or read.  So, I opened a private mailbox in my area.

Further, after reading news stories about angry customers entering places of business, and violently lashing out at owners and employees, I decided I did not want potentially disgruntled investors knocking on my door. The vision of my young child opening the door for such a person was not a pretty image!

As time went by, I became aware of the various Federal and local privacy laws. They became a big deal, and were multiplying like rabbits. I read where an insurance agency converted all there paper records into electronic records. They dumped the paper into a trash can outside their place of business. They were then turned into the Federal authorities by a neighbor. The government prosecuted the agency owner, and sent them  to jail. The agency owner lost the agency and a relative he bought it from never got paid on the note from the sale. Tragic all the way around.

I am not an attorney, but I think it likely that receiving sensitive papers on your door step might violate one or more of these laws. Maybe it is better to open a private mailbox. Check with your legal council, or better yet, go rent a private mailbox today!

Bottom line, I earnestly believe that all home based businesses should rent a private mailbox to protect their loved ones and their clients privacy.

Check out this link to our mailbox page for my The UPS Store 5183 in Superior Colorado. Then come rent a box at our store, if you live close by, or find one of the 4,500 The UPS Stores close to you, and rent one there today.