Printing Tips

Paper is important to printing for a lot of reasons. It affects the look and the feel of your printing.

The feel may affect how people perceive your business. For example, a thin business card printed on an ink jet printer looks and feels cheap. Worse, if you printed on a perforated blank page the receiver will know you did it yourself. For many people that suggests a fly by night or eve bogus company.

A cheap paper may have a yellow cast and look a bit dingy. The color of the paper will affect color printing by adding a yellow cast to your colors.

When ordering printing pay attention to the weight of the paper. This is a odd way to indicate thickness but that is how it is done. Many big box printers use a 24 lb paper for their color prints. Our store uses a 28 lb. weight standard even though our printing of color is substantially cheaper than our competitors. We feel strongly a 28 lb paper is important.

The 28 lb. is not only thicker but a bright white and smooth. This keeps the color from bleeding through like some of the thinner papers do. The smooth finish allows the toner to lay down on the paper for a more vibrant color image.

Also ask for volume pricing. Our store drops down 10 cents a page at just 100 prints.

It pays to shop around. You know all the big names. Ask for their pricing and paper quality and then check out your local The UPS Store. You may find our competitors are 20 to 40% more.

You can find our location by clicking on the link to The UPS Store 5183 in Superior Colorado here.

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