Local Vs. Online Printers

Both kinds of printing services have their pluses and minuses. Let’s look at both.

Online printing is convenient. You pick the category of print you want, find a template to customize to your liking or upload your own file. Then you pick your design elements like printing on both sides, color or b&w;, choice of papers and coatings Plug in your credit card, pick a shipping method and away you go. In many respects this works quite nicely.

The minuses are no person to talk to to help you design your product, answer questions or complain to if there is a problem. Problem resolution may be by email or waiting on the phone.

Up front you do not get to see a sample of the product unless you send away for one. You have lots of paper and coatings choices but you may not know what any of that means. You are ordering in the blind unless you have printing experience and know the terminology.

Local printers are convenient too. You get to interface with a human up front, at delivery or if there is a problem. Generally no long waits to talk to someone. People can ask you questions about what you are trying to accomplish and make suggestions on how to improve your product. They can help you design a custom print. And they can suggest alternative printing solutions you may not be aware of.

They generally have samples of the various kinds of papers, coatings and output that they offer. They can help you make your product design look better and offer you other ways to make money in your business using printing.

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