Christmas Shipping Done Cheaper and Easier

Have you ever gotten to a shipping counter and found shipping your item cost more than what you were sending? Frustrating isn’t it? So, what can you do to reduce your costs?

Size and weight is the key. Find a gift to send that is small and light. Pricing a shipment is based on both size and weight. That is because only so much fits in a truck or plane. Weight is important  because the trucks use more fuel to move heavy objects. Also, trucks are regulated and can only transport so much over our roads. The heavier the trucks the more ware on the asphalt.

Make sure you have the right sized box. If you think you can find a cheap box and throw your gift in it to save money think again. A store like The UPS Store 5183 Superior Colorado has lots of different sized boxes. They are trained to use the smallest box and filler to get your gift there safely. The smaller box and lower weight saves you money!


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