What Small Businesses Should Know About Shredding

The Federal Government and most states have laws that require small businesses to protect their client’s data. Putting sensitive client data into your trash without shredding it is literally a Federal offense. It is considered serious enough to provide both penalties and jail time in some cases.

Sensitive data is name, birth date, Social Security number, account numbers, etc. It is also info on people’s health information, among other things. Thieves troll trash cans and you jeopardize your client’s wellbeing if you don’t protect their data. The thieves then use it to access client bank accounts and other web sites.

I attended a seminar on this issue put on one of the most prominent law firms in Phoenix. They have full time staff monitoring all the different laws on the books. Even with that they admitted it was a tough job to stay up with it all. So how does a small business person protect themselves?

Well ask your attorney how to protect yourself. And what I personally do is shred anything with this kind of info on it. I am not an attorney and provide no legal advice. I just want my businesses friends and clients to be aware of how serious this is and how regulated it is.

Businesses with offices keep those locked cabinets with slots in the top around the office to provide a place for their employees to dump their sensitive documents into. A service person comes by later with the key and puts the documents into their truck to be shredded on site or to be shredded back at a plant.

Some small businesses work from their home and have too much to feed into a low cost shredder two sheets at a time. That gets the job done but takes way too much time. Your time is valuable!

An alternative is to stop by a local The UPS Store to have them dispose of your bulk documents you accumulate for shredding. If you are in the Scottsdale area drop by my The UPS Store. Click here for my store info and a map to find us. We would love to see you.