In Case of Emergency Phone Contacts – ICE

People die because paramedics don’t have timely medical information on their patients. And they and the hospital don’t know who to contact for guidance on medical procedures.

This is easily remedied by setting up contacts in your smart phone as ICE 1, ICE 2, etc. Paramedics can open your contacts, search for “ICE” and the people and contact information they may need will be there.

I set mine up with my personal doctors contact information, my wife and my children’s contact info.

One issue with this simple approach is that the phone may be locked. My android phone has an emergency button that allows access to “ICE” contact numbers. Check your instructions for your phone to see if you too can allow access to ICE contacts even when the phone is locked.

Finally, I am Diabetic and want the paramedics to know my condition, what meds I take, if I have alergies and other things like my blood type. This all allows them to take action in the field when time is critical to save my life.

I found an app on the android “Play Store” that sets up a widget on the opening screen that allows anyone to press a button and access all this info.

A couple of words of caution here. The button allows anyone with access to your phone to see your private medical info. You have a choice to protect that info or possibly save your life by making it freely available to anyone with access to your phone. It is a risk to have it open but that is your choice.

Secondly, as you set up these options on the phone test them to see if they work! I had to make several adjustments until I got it just right.

Consider doing this for yourself and all the friends and family around you that you love and want to survive a life threatening accident. You will be glad you did.