Small-Business Private Mailbox Rentals Protect Privacy


I did financial planning out of my personal home office for years. I quickly realized I needed a mailing address other than my home for several reasons.

I managed client’s money and insurance. I needed a place to receive my mail where sensitive documents could be sent, and received, safely until I could pick them up.  A place where they wouldn’t be stolen. And a place where my client’s highly sensitive papers would not be put on a doorstop for anyone to take or read.  So, I opened a private mailbox in my area.

Further, after reading news stories about angry customers entering places of business, and violently lashing out at owners and employees, I decided I did not want potentially disgruntled investors knocking on my door. The vision of my young child opening the door for such a person was not a pretty image!

As time went by, I became aware of the various Federal and local privacy laws. They became a big deal, and were multiplying like rabbits. I read where an insurance agency converted all there paper records into electronic records. They dumped the paper into a trash can outside their place of business. They were then turned into the Federal authorities by a neighbor. The government prosecuted the agency owner, and sent them  to jail. The agency owner lost the agency and a relative he bought it from never got paid on the note from the sale. Tragic all the way around.

I am not an attorney, but I think it likely that receiving sensitive papers on your door step might violate one or more of these laws. Maybe it is better to open a private mailbox. Check with your legal council, or better yet, go rent a private mailbox today!

Bottom line, I earnestly believe that all home based businesses should rent a private mailbox to protect their loved ones and their clients privacy.

Check out this link to our mailbox page for my The UPS Store 5183 in Superior Colorado. Then come rent a box at our store, if you live close by, or find one of the 4,500 The UPS Stores close to you, and rent one there today.

Why The Image On Your Computer Does Not Match What You Printed? Part I

Yup, you design a beautiful post card to promote your business and then you print it. It does not match your computer screen. You bring it to a print shop and it looks different from your ink jet and your computer screen. What the heck is going on?

Lots of stuff. Here is a list of some of the variables you are dealing with:

Your monitor has limits:

  • Your monitor is limited to the number of colors it can create
  • It has lots of settings that change what is displayed on the screen
  • It produces colors with a light in back of the screen
  • It uses a mix of Red, Green and Blue to produce the picture which is called an RGB color palette.

Your printer has limits:

  • It too has a limited number of colors it can produce but it is a different palette of colors than the monitor
  • It has lots of settings that change what it prints
  • The colors printed are printed by ambient light bouncing off the page as opposed to being back lit
  • It uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black to produce its colors not RGB

Your Paper Has Limits:

  • Most papers have a least a little yellow cast to them. High quality papers can be made to be a bright white. So, those colors get mixed in with the ink or toner the printer prints on the page and changes the end result
  • Paper absorbs different amounts of ink or toner, so the picture may be crisp or fades. A high quality paper keeps the ink or toner on top so that the colors pop
  • Paper may be matter or gloss. Each give a different look to the print

All of these variables enter into the equation of how your printed materials look.

Look for the next instalment of this article for solutions.

Does Your Business Card Make You Memorable?

A business card is something most all business people use; even in this era of smart phones. So, have you ever really stopped to think for what a business card is used? Have you ever asked yourself if your business card is highly effective at doing what you want it to do? Why would I ask such obvious questions?

Stop now and look at your business card. Feel it. Does it say what you want it to say? Does it feel good? Is it substantial? Is it easy to read and to find and use your contact information?

Let’s start with what you want your card to achieve on your behalf. Here are a few things  that come to mind:

  • You want people to be able to contact you to build a relationship or to buy something from you
  • You want the quality and style of your card to build an image appropriate to your business. It could be quality, professionalism, fun, low price or anything else that conveys the message you want to state about who you and your company are
  • You want it to be easy to pick out your name, phone number and/or email address. Make it easy for them to check out your web page to build a stronger bond with them and to help them know who you are and what you do. As an aside, is your web address to long and difficult to enter into a browser. A good web designer can help you with that.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about the design and paper of your card that will help you achieve those goals:

  • Keep the information on your card to the bare essentials. Just put your phone number, email and website on the card. Maybe add a tag line or philosophical saying. Addresses are not needed anymore. Your web site can have all of that. Or your type of business does not use a physical address. And hardly anybody sends email anymore. So find out if you really need it on the card. If not, drop it.
  • They don’t care if you belong to the chamber of commerce or are a million dollar round table winner. That kind of detail just messes up the card.
  • Keep the card simple. It is only for contact information
  • Use a brochure or web site to provide all the information your heart desires; not your business card

The design of your card should express your message appropriately. If you are an entertainer, then whimsical fonts, graphics and colors make sense. If you are an investment advisor, then pick colors like gray and burgundy, blacks and blues; sedate, confidant colors that express safety, strength and conservatism.

Paper should be considered carefully. Paper has both a visual element and touch element to it. Most of us consider the visual part of our cards but the fell of a card can make a big impression whether they think about it or not

Old style cards used by attorneys and accountants used what they called laid and linen stock. These both had a textured, high-class feel to them. Modern printing methods do not print well on these papers, so we tend to get smooth white cards. However, more recently, paper has been invented that feel like silk, suede and others. These have a very nice texture that makes a quality statement. People that are kinesthetic will respond strongly to this kind of paper.

Go into a local printer like our The UPS Store 5183 and look at and feel some paper samples. Then find a good graphic designer and have the card printed on great card stock. Craft your card to make you stand out in a crowd. Give yourself that extra edge that will help you make a stronger impression and make more sales.

UPS Saturday Pick Up and Delivery in Superior Colorado 80027

The UPS Store 5183 in Superior Colorado

We are experiencing wonderful new changes with UPS through the UPS Store. It used to be that you paid extra for Saturday delivery. And to get things delivered on Monday, through UPS, required next day delivery service. And instead of a late-in-the-day pick-up, you had to have the pick up earlier in the day on Saturday.

To see specific details about this program, and how it is being rolled out across the country, click on this UPS link to get the details straight from UPS!

One subtle point to be aware of is that the Saturday delivery is only to residences and strategic businesses like our The UPS Store 5183 in Superior Colorado, and other retail locations across the country.  The reasoning here is that many businesses are not open on Saturday and would not benefit from this new service. If your business is open on Saturday, and you would like to take advantage of Saturday delivery, check out your local The UPS Store!

Businesses can take advantage of this service on Saturday by setting up a mailbox rental at a The UPS Store like ours. We receive the packages for you on Saturday and email a delivery confirmation to you notifying your package is in. Just make arrangements to drop by before we close and you can participate in Saturday delivery.

If you don’t want to rent a mailbox, no sweat. You can set up a “Package Only” service with no monthly rental. We still email you a delivery notice. We then hold your package for you. Just bring in your ID, and pay a $5 or $10 fee for each package you pick up. If you receive 5 or more packages per month, the rental is the best option. If you get less, the Package Only option may be best; unless the packages are large and heavy.

Residences in select cities will get Saturday delivery at normal ground pricing. That is because people tend to be home on the weekends.

Another cool feature is that in select cities you can ship ground, in your own state, and it is guaranteed to be delivered to residences by end of day on Saturday instead of Monday! If UPS offers local pick up at select retail locations, like the UPS Store, on Saturdays you may still get it there on Monday by the end of day for ground pricing. Check with your The UPS Store for details.

The UPS System now offers better service and lower costs at 5,000 The UPS Stores in select cities across the US and more to come in 2018! What’s not to like. Bravo UPS and The UPS Stores!

Come see us if you live near our Superior Colorado Store. Let us help you use this new service and maybe benefit from other services you are unaware of!

Inked Rubber Stamps For Business


Time Savings for businesses

Pre-inked Stamps save you time. They allow you to do repetitive messaging quickly and legibly. For example, instead of writing “Return to Sender, Address Unknown” on letters that come to you erroneously, you can simply get a red stamp and affix this same message on letters you are returning. When you get a check you can quickly stamp “Deposit Only” only with your account number on the back of the check to make it difficult to cash other than to put it into your account at the bank. When someone presents payment at your office with an invoice you can stamp “Paid” on it.

You can personalize your correspondence with a kind of stamp emoji. Custom stamp makers, like our The UPS Store 5183, can download a picture and make a stamp for you. Or we can make happy faces, sad faces, stars and any emoji image you can think of by having you send the graphics to us for download.

Use your imagination. Look for ways to save time and money for your business. Find fun ways to spice up personal and business correspondence.

Let The UPS Store 5183 make your custom per-inked stamp today! We make them in our store in about 15 minutes. Find our web site at The UPS Store 5183.

Custom Christmas and Holiday Cards in Marketing

In a world of impersonal high speed internet, receiving a physical card in the mail is a real treat. For businesses wanting to build or strengthen personal relationships, they demonstrate a higher level of effort and interest.

The Decision to Send Religious or Secular Themed Cards or Alternatives

Some people have become concerned about sending religious themed cards. Others feel strongly about their faith, and want to make a statement about that. There are lots of choices for everyone.

One alternative is cards that say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukah” as well as other religious sentiment. The other is a the purely secular “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings”.  Some reserve religious themed cards for close friends, or people they know that would appreciate them, and the secular ones for people of other faiths.

Thanksgiving or Happy New Year cards

A way to touch base with your clients and friends, that sidesteps the issue altogether, are Thanksgiving and New Years cards. There is no religious concern here at all. And an added benefit, is they arrive when others are not coming in, thereby standing out from the crowd.

The New Years card choices include a 3 panel fold out of a calendar. With your name on the calendar, they may get posted to bulletin boards and continue the marketing effort throughout the year. I like this choice the best.

The Thanksgiving cards fit the business situation very well. It is a way to reach out to your customers and express your gratitude for their business.

And finally, if you would like to have three touches, you could do Thanksgiving, Year end Holidays and the New Year’s cards.

What Makes Custom Special?

Custom Cards make a statement. They are custom printed with your name printed inside and on the envelope. This saves a lot of signature time.

They can be gold or silver embossed, to really make them special. And you can attach gold foil stickers on the outside to make your friend and customers feel extra special. You really need to see them to see all the fine details that make them stand out.

All in all receiving these cards is a treat and many of your important friends and customers will feel truly appreciated.

If you are interested in checking them out please do to our link. You can browse, shop, design and order on line with this link.


Are Your Post Card Prints Making You Money – Part One

Which print job is more expensive, a 4 X 6 inch post cards printed for free or a 4 X 11 inch postcard priced at $210. The answer seems to be pretty obvious doesn’t it? Well not really! Read on for a better perspective on this question.

The following really happened a few years ago. A friend, let’s call him Wallace, asked me why he should pay me to print post cards that he was getting for free from another company . (It turns out the other company was providing the post cards for free in exchange for Wallaces’s referrals to them).

You might think Wallace was being flippant by asking me such a question. How could I beat “Free”. Well, Wallace knew me quite well and fully expected I would show him a better “Full Value” option that beat “Free” post cards. Read on to find out how that works.

I reframed the situation this way for Wallace. I asked him to consider that the post cards are free, but that he had to pay USPS postage to deliver them. I then told him about the new “Neighborhood” option offered by the USPS, that would save him considerable postage cost.

On a purely financial cost basis the question was how does free post cards plus traditional mailing costs compare to $210 post cards plus the new lower cost “Neighborhood” postage costs?

However, this only addresses the cost part of the financial equation. The most important question for Wallace is what method yields the most net profit? To answer this we need to look at gross income generated from the post card mailing minus the costs of printing and mailing the post cards. Wallace could look at the actual results from his prior “Free” post card campaign but he would now have to look at the potential yield of the new, untried, post card campaign I was offering. I will follow with the details of what we did together. For now I will tell you that Wallace tried the new campaign I suggested and it worked will enough that he came back and had me print and mail additional batches of post cards instead of using the free post cards he had used before.

So, let’s pause for a second. It is my hope that you are finding this discussion interesting and beneficial. May I please ask your indulgence here. I am offering to provide you the information on what we did to grow Wallace’s business. I am also offering to provide you with special discounted post card printing pricing. And I am offering to give you access to a robust online print web site that will save you both time and money on your future print jobs. And finally I will send you links to future informational blogs related to printing and possibly other information that will benefit your company.

In exchange I need you to “Opt in” to future emails from my The UPS Store 5183. I promise that when you opt in I will only use your email for my offers and educational blogs. And if you later find you are not interested in receiving this information you may simply unsubscribe from the emails.

Part 2 of the blog will discuss how I showed Wallace how a larger, better designed post card could yield much better response rates.  Part 3 will discuss the “Neighborhood” postage option and how to use it to save money in your post card mailings.

Click here to go to parts 2 and 3 of the blog and to opt into future email offers. (The additional blogs will be posted soon  but are not currently available. You may call Ken Davis at his The UPS Store 5183 for more information and help in the mean time at 303 554 7755)